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In the below search bar enter - Bank jobs in "your location". Ex. If you are from Madurai, enter "bank jobs in Madurai".

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You can repeat your search for job openings in other financial industries such as Insurance, Mutual funds, Share Traders, NBFC's & Micro finance.

Our well designed courses and structured training can help you successfully clear one of these interview opportunity!

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Highlights of our Training Program

Industry oriented curriculum

The contents of all our courses are designed keeping in mind the modern day requirements of the banking and financial services industry.

JOb ready curriculum

Our course curriculum is designed with not just the interview in mind, but by considering the actual roles and responsibilities in the actual work environment.

regular updates

Our course curriculum is periodically reviewed to ensure that the contents are up to date and any recent development in the industry is updated in the curriculum immediately.

modern learning methods

Forget about books, our course content is delivered through modern day LMS systems. All the activities and assignments are also updated online.

Choose the perfect course -

Dear career aspirant, each one of us are unique and we excel when we play according to our strengths, if you exactly know what your strengths are, and where your passion drives you, then go through the below listed courses and choose the course that suits you better.

Front Desk Officers

Front line Sales Force

Back office / Customer Care

If you face any troubles / unable to arrive at a firm conclusion, just don’t worry, our career counsellors are here to assist you in arriving at the perfect decision. A discussion with one of our counsellors can definitely be a game changer for your career.

Our students are successfully Placed With

Frequently asked questions

These courses enables you to be employed with all private sector banks, NBFC’s , mutual fund companies, insurance companies and all other financial companies.

Educational Qualification : 10th, +2, Graduation / post graduation in any stream.

Age : Below 26 years.

Good communication skill in English and regional language.

This course will offer you two things you need to face interviews confidently and thus get selected. Firstly this course will improve your core competency by imparting complete knowledge about banking and financial services industry. Second this course as guaranteed will give you the interview opportunities to deploy your skills successfully. 

The course contents are delivered to you through physical materials and mainly through online learning management solution. The contents of the courses can be accessed by you any time from your PC, laptop, tablet and mobile phone.

This is a certification program and upon successful completion of the course, you are awarded with a certificate of course completion. This can be used during your interviews, and is recognized by most corporates.